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1 Decide if you'd like a theme; if so choose one that the birthday child will love!


2 Theme Party: Encourage everyone to dress up; it gets everyone in the mood!


3  Get your invites out ASAP and plan ahead, entertainers can be booked well in   advance


4 Try to avoid clashes with someone else's birthday at school


5 Be clear about whether siblings are invited or not. It can be problematic if an extra 15 kids turn up!








6 Consider joining forces with a friend if both your children have similar birthdays


7 If you're doing party bags, keep them simple. One or two special things

to keep are better than a bag full of plastic toys that are easily forgotten.


8 Ensure parents are quiet during the magic show. Otherwise it's very distracting

for the kids and the entertainer, and it really will take away from the magic of it all. Maybe offer them a drink in a separate room or quietly at the back.


9 Enjoy it and take loads of pictures, kid's parties are great fun!

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