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All our standard parties are full of: Fun, dances, games, balloons &face paints.

The duration of each party is up to your needs 1, 2, 3 or more hours. We are happy to assist &  advise you if needed.


The party-box entertainers can also custom tailor your event to the ages and ability of the children. All activities are uniquely coordinated around your theme resulting in a truly magical experience for that special little boy or girl!


Our parties are suitable for any age from 1 to 101 and have so much crammed in with exciting games and musical favourites like Conga and Hokey Cokey. Every child gets a prize, which includes water pistols, gold medals, bracelets, stickers, bubbles, cool sunglasses, sticky wall crawlers, the list is endless.


Children love dressing up, having a fancy dress party is an ideal way of letting them do this. With all the children's films, and cartoons, that have been shown over the past few years there are endless themes to choose from. You can decide to chose one or two themes or let the children dress up as they please.


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