Circus Workshops

Circus workshops are both educational and fun and can bring together people of different ages with different backgrounds and varied skill levels.

We can cater for absolute beginners to advanced jugglers who wish to enhance their skills.


A circus workshop can be organised in a way that is best suited to your event. For example, a school or corporate event may wish to have a structured circus skills workshop spending allocated time working on particular circus skills and swapping around spending say 30 minutes on each skill. A festival or fete would usually opt for something far less structured and and would rather we ran a drop in style circus skills workshop where people come and go as they please trying what they want, when they want. Drop in workshops are a good attraction for these kind of events and are always very popular. For drop in workshops we always mark an area out with stakes and rope or bunting, this keeps the circus skills workshop contained in one area for safety and to stop equipment being spread from here to eternity!


What ever your event, I can adapt what I do to fit you needs in a fully interactive and enthusiastic style


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